About us

We are a self-supporting Cadet Corps that is not Affiliated or Recognised by the Ministry of Defence (MoD), because of this we have the opportunity to go out of the unit a lot more. We should not be confused with the Sea Cadet Corps (SCC) Marine cadet Detachments or the Royal Marines detachments that exist within Combined Cadet Forces.

All of the equipment has been bought and paid for either through fund-raising or through grants.

The Officer's and Adult volunteers are not paid, all are dedicated in teaching cadets the knowledge which will help them achieve goals in life and help them find a job whether it be Military or a Civilian.

Subscriptions are £5 per week (£2.50 per night), this helps towards the units running costs and insurance. There is a £75 joining fee this pays for your uniform and 5 weeks of your recruit training.

The Units do not usually close over school holidays - only for a maximum of 2 weeks over Christmas and as our parade nights don't fall on a Monday there are no Bank Holidays. However we arrange weekends and Training Exercises through the week which could include these holidays in which we would not have the time off.


Should a cadet know that they would be absent from the unit on a particular night, they should let the Admin Officer know in advanced so that we have a record of attendance of the cadet.

Should the cadet be absence due to illness or some other unforeseen circumstance, contact should be made with the unit by telephone (Number in contacts) as early as possible.

If a request form has been submitted or contact has been made with the unit the cadet will not be liable for subs for that night, but should this not be the case, then subs will be payable.

What we do

Our programme varies with the seasons to take advantage of the lighter evenings and warmer weather;

In the Winter we study First Aid, navigation and communication based subjects. We sit accredited exams which enable progress towards different levels of cadet classification.

In the Summer we tend to do more sports, military fieldcraft training, navigation exercises, initiative exercises, leadership exercises and adventurous training.


Some of our activities are described below.


We encourage leadership development through training and practice. This is one of the best life skills to learn whilst with the MTC.


Using radios and other kit, we encourage better communication, a useful life skill.

Sport & PT

Physical fitness is important for all of us. We motivate cadets to improve personal fitness.


Drill encourages strong teamwork and communication. All cadets must be able to perform to a minimum standard.

Military Skills

Shooting teaches respect for weapons and tests their marksmanship skills. Fieldcraft is an excellent tool for testing a cadets leadership, resilience and self confidence.

The old adage ‘the more you put in, the more you get out’ is extremely apt in the MTC.

We are not a military recruiting organisation, although we can provide advice should you be interested in a career in defence in the future.


Experienced cadets (transfer from ACF/ATC/SCC/CCF)

ages 14-19

Ore / Hastings



Area Officer

Ore / Hastings

New Instructors and unit helpers

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Locations for new units

Unit Officer

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Email: marinetrainingcorps@gmail.com

Management Team






Locations for new units

The Purpose of the MTC

To provide a disciplined organisation so that its members may develop:

  • Self-discipline
  • Responsibility
  • Self-reliance
  • Endurance
  • Resourcefulness
  • Perseverance
  • Leadership
  • To encourage a positive attitude to service to the community

The MTC organises its own training camps and field days during the year. These cover a wide variety of activities including obstacle courses, first aid, orienteering, patrolling, leadership and self-reliance training, sailing just to name some.

Commonly Used Abbreviations


2IC - 2nd In Command

Adjt - Adjutant

AF - Armed Forces

AO - Administration Officer

Arr - Arrive

B&D - Band & Drums

Bdmstr - Bandmaster

Cdt - Cadet

Cdr - Commander (rank, not role)

CFAV - Cadet Force Adult Volunteer

Civ/Civvi - Civilian

Civvies - Civilian Clothes

CO - Commanding Officer

Comd - Commander (role, not rank)

Cpl - Corporal

CPO - Chief Petty Officer

Capt - Captain

Cdre - Commodore

CSgt - Colour Sergeant

CSM - Company Sergeant Major

DofE - Duke of Edinburgh (Award Scheme)

Ex - Exercise

EXC - Excellent

FG - Field Gun

GD - General Duties

HMS - Her Majesty's Ship

LCpl - Lance Corporal

Lt - Lieutenant

Lt Cdr - Lieutenant Commander

Lt Col - Lieutenant Colonel

MAA - Master at Arms

Maj - Major

MOD - Ministry Of Defense

MTP - Multi-Terrain Pattern

NA - Naval Airman

NavEx - Navigational Exercise

NCO - Non-Commissioned Officer

NMT - Naval Military Training

OC / OIC - Officer Commanding/Officer In Charge

OG - Olive Green

ORP - Operational Ration Pack ("rat packs")

Pde - Parade

Phys - Sports

PO - Petty Officer

PT - Physical Training

QM - Quartermaster

R Coy - Recruit Company

Rct - Recruit

RM - Royal Marines

RQMS - Regimental Quartermaster Sergeant

RSM - Regimental Sergeant Major

Sgt - Sergeant

Sect - Section

TBC - To Be Confirmed

TO - Training Officer

Tp - Troop

WO1 - Warrant Officer 1st Class

WO2 - Warrant Officer 2nd Class


No staff member of the MTC has been commissioned by the Queen and therefore only hold their rank within the MTC, on no account should they be mistaken for Her Majesty's Armed forces. The rank structure is to maintain the units discipline and Constitution.